Photos From The Back To Kool Event @ Bartlett Yard

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Under the warm glare of a Saturday sun, during one of the last remaining days to enjoy a summer that sped by way too fast (don’t they all?), we took a trip to yesterday’s Back To Kool event held at Bartlett Yard. Creatives of all sorts took part in the festivities, with graffiti being a central focus. Walking the span of the park, we captured various art on display, all of which will become unfortunate victims of a scheduled redevelopment project that will see each piece taken down in the coming days. It was great to see the art before it’s removed, though, and we hope the artists keep following what they love and continue their craft in spite of the site’s closure.

-The LoveMoney Team

Quesadillas And Networking

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semu meetup

Yesterday evening, after spending part of the day presenting our new shirts to stores with the rest of the LoveMoney team, I attended a Boston Entrepreneurship Meetup at the Microsoft Store located in the Prudential Center. While snacking on the delicious — and hot! — food provided by El Palon Taqueria, attendees at the function networked and shared their experiences with entrepreneurship in the city of Boston, from growing ventures to fledgling ones.

hubster tv

One of the participants I had an opportunity to chat with was Ethan Greenspan, founder and CEO of Hubster TV,  an online search engine for digital entertainment. With the digital renaissance still upon us, streaming is becoming the norm for many households, making it critical to have a means of filtering the content to find what we want to watch. That’s where Hubster comes in. Like its name suggests, Ethan’s creation is a hub from which users can immediately retrieve up-to-date information about the digital entertainment they’re searching for, including links for viewing and purchasing.

Hubster TV is still in beta, but visitors to the website can provide their email address, to which Hubster will send updates before its official launch.

-The LoveMoney Team

Cambridge Arts / Open Studios (May 11th & 12th)

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Cambridge Arts Open Studios

Since LoveMoney started, we’ve worked with a wonderful seamstress in North Cambridge by the name of Marcia Cohen. For every drop of LoveMoney Apparel we’ve released, Marcia has been there to apply the labels, stitching them in with a finesse that we’ll always appreciate. Marcia has her own craft that she continues to work on, putting her products on display when the opportunity arises. This weekend, on May 11th and 12th (Mother’s Day), Marcia will be presenting her work at the Cambridge Arts Open Studios.

Additional information can be found here.

Marcia E. Cohen (For directions, email her at:
47-28 Cogswell Station
Cambridge, MA 02140

-The LoveMoney Team

Google Takes Over Times Square For Everyone

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google for everyone chromebook promotion

For those who crave attention, Google’s just rolled out a holiday surprise that may sate that need to get one’s face in the public eye. Part of a promotion for their Chromebook, the company’s giving participants an opportunity to submit a picture and a few words that might find a spot on the big screen in New York’s Times Square.

Take a pic and visit them here.


-The LoveMoney Team


Art Of The Assassin

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Art Of The Assassin Ubisoft Assassin's Creed Flyer

With its much anticipated release taking place next month, the marketing blitz for the third installment of Ubisoft’s popular Assassin’s Creed series continues. The software house and Rock The Vote have teamed up for Art Of The Assassin, a traveling art exhibition that’ll make its latest stop in Chicago this afternoon. At the ARTrevolution event, Art Of The Assassin will feature work from assorted artists who’ve created original pieces inspired by the American Revolution backdrop of Assassin’s Creed 3.

The event will run from 4:30-7:00pm. For information about Art Of The Assassin, visit this site.

-The LoveMoney Team

Jeremy Fish Brings His Wild Kingdom To Rotofugi Gallery

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Jeremy Fish Wild Kingdom OtterJeremy Fish Wild Kingdom BeaverJeremy Fish Wild Kingdom RabbitJeremy Fish Wild Kingdom BearJeremy Fish Wild Kingdom Ox

Boxed in for good reason, these wild animals are armed to the teeth, ready and willing to unleash their beastly temperament on anyone visiting artist Jeremy Fish‘s latest show Wild Kingdom. A dual-wielding bear with duck-themed pistols and a beaver gripping an axe are just two of the untamed creatures on display, all of them packed in and sealed tight.

Wild Kingdom runs until November 22nd at the Rotofugi Gallery.

-The LoveMoney Team

The 2012 Banksy Olympics

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Two days before the olympics, UK street artist Banksy has something to say, unveiling Olympic-themed pieces featuring his signature style. No less satirical than what he’s created in the past, the tone of these suggests he may not be in a celebratory mood, with one of his stencils showing a javelin thrower wielding a missile instead of what you’d expect. Once the games begin, we’re sure he’ll continue adding his special brand of commentary to the festivities in London.

Visit him here.

-The LoveMoney Team

Art On Wheels

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A fusion of artistry and speed is currently on display at London’s ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts), where a select number of cars from BMW – new and old —  have been used as canvases for artists invited to participate in Art Drive!, a marriage of imaginatively vibrant colors and sleek German engineering . Splashed with each artist’s brand of creativity, the collection includes work produced over the 35 year span of this BMW-sponsored initiative — including a M1 painted over by famed expressionist Andy Warhol in 1979.

Art drive! BMW art car collection 1975-2010
Runs until August 4th
Great Eastern Street Car Park, Shoreditch, London

-The LoveMoney Team

Let’s Kick It

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In a very cool collaborative effort that mixed art and athletics, creative phenom Tristan Eaton paired up with celebrated football star (presently forward for the Red Bulls) Thierry Henry for a special unveiling of Eaton’s latest mural. Going down at Madison Square Garden last friday, the event saw Henry striking the ball at five specific targets, each of which triggering a sequence of events that ultimately led to the debut of Eaton’s creation: a mural of charging bulls erupting in a dazzling blue array, clearly inspired by the team for which Henry plays so well.

The mural is on display at the Red Bull Arena in Harrison, New Jersey. Take a look at more of Eaton’s work here.

-The LoveMoney Team

Repeat Offender

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Cardboard is a ubiquitous resource, easily found in just about every location, from one’s basement to a dumpster behind a building. German artist EVOL, never known for staying in one lane, gathered up a few pieces to demonstrate how beauty can be realized on that mundane surface. He created staggeringly-lifelike cityscapes, spray painting them on cardboard with the use of stencils.

Repeat Offender is on display at Jonathan Levine Gallery, running until this Saturday.

529 West 20th Street, 9th floor
New York, NY 10011


-The LoveMoney Team