Heineken Releases The Legendary Posters

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Heineken enlisted 40 respected luminaries from various fields of work (art, photography, sports, acting, etc.) and gave them a single poster featuring an image of the company’s iconic bottle, asking them to take their individual poster on an adventure of sorts and return with the results. The product of this initiative has been aptly titled The Legendary Posters, a collection of prints bearing the markings of the journeys on which they were taken. Each poster has a story to tell, put through the paces in a way that spoke to the talents of its owner — from the singe marks left on one after a fiery tennis match with Jimmy Connors, to the depth noted on another by record-holding free diver William Trubridge.



Both artistic and altruistic, this project is a collaboration between Heineken and Reporters Without Borders, a global non-profit committed to protecting journalists and defending the freedom of information. 

View more posters here.

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Nychos Opens Street Anatomy @ Fifty24SF In San Francisco

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The work of Austrian street artist Nychos is heavily informed by an interest in anatomy, which comes by way of what he witnessed as a child when joining both his dad and grandfather on hunting trips. His cartoony drawings are vivid dissections that are less morbid than they are comic displays of what lays inside. Currently in San Francisco to prepare for his upcoming Street Anatomy solo exhibition at Fifty24SF Gallery, Nychos recently completed this mural, one of several he intends to put up around the city during the show’s run.

Street Anatomy will open on April 18th at FIFTY24SF Gallery.

-The LoveMoney Team

Predators By Maxim Shkret

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In a series entitled Predators, Russian illustrator Maxim Shkret has drawn portraits of animals from the wild. Using an array of digital editing tools, he’s rendered impressive closeups that make the creatures almost look as if they were sculpted from paper.

Visit his portfolio here.

-The LoveMoney Team

Vintage Ads Remixed With Pop Culture Icons By David Redon

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Celebrities from the past and present are transplanted into vintage advertisements and propaganda posters in this new collection from French artist David Redon. Naming his project Ads Libitum, Redon retains the style of a bygone era, paying homage to a bold form of marketing that was once commonly employed when hawking products. Pop culture icons like Beyonce, Daft Punk, Kanye West, Nirvana, and more have been seamlessly remixed with the original prints.

Check out additional work from this series here.

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Street Artist TEXER ALB Pays Homage To The NES

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Anyone who grew up with a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in their household should be able to see that the clever bit of graffiti drawn on the side of this boxcar was inspired by the controller packaged with that video game console. Reddit user Kgriffin88 was lucky enough to snap a photograph of this creation from street artist TEXER ALB. And for anyone wondering why there are three buttons instead of two, the artist took slight  liberties by having each of them correspond to the initials A, L, and B.

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Yutaka Sone Creates Little Manhattan Out Of Marble

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Yutaka Sone’s 9-foot long marble rendition of the Big Apple may be called Little Manhattan, but it weighs an impressive 2.5 tons, offering a birds-eye view of a sprawling metropolis that many regard as the cultural hub of the world. Painstakingly made to scale, Sone spent nearly two decades on this miniature replica, meticulously recreating each building and street. The level of detail was achieved by referencing old photographs, Google Earth imagery, and what he collected from helicopter trips taken above the city.

View more of his work here.

-The LoveMoney Team

Artist Sean Sullivan Creates A Huge Forest Mural With One Marker

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Wielding only a black Sharpie marker, California-based artist Sean Sullivan took to a blank wall housed within the Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions gallery (LACE) and scribbled away, spending 7 long but fulfilling months drawing what he called Grand Pale Maw. In its completed form, Sullivan’s piece was a richly detailed illustration of a sprawling forest expanse, with images of rotting wood and hundreds of diverse plant life making up what would become his first large scale mural.

View his portfolio here.

-The LoveMoney Team

For The Love: Cazapapeles (Paper Hunters)

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Based in Mexico, artists and designers Guillermo Juárez and Fernando Martinez call themselves Cazapapeles (which stands for Paper Hunters), a name that appropriately describes the versatile medium they use for their ambitious and thought-provoking works of art. For their latest project Azorado, the pair have crafted an impressively realized cardboard sculpture of a Polar Bear, transplanting this traditionally snowbound creature from its Arctic home to the hot and dry surroundings of Mexico. Both deeply affecting and alarming, this piece of theirs compels us to reflect on the arguably grave changes in the climate and the resultant impact on this planet’s inhabitants and the resources upon which they depend.

We interviewed Guillermo and Fernando in our newest For The Love segment.

1. What attracted you to the world of design and art?

The opportunity to create and to offer new objects and experiences by using your skills.

2. What inspirations do you draw from when working on a project?

We start our projects with a new experience to offer that delivers a message. We want our audience to experience something new. It’s always based on nature because we believe the perception of beauty is in our DNA, so we always sketch our ideas from nature’s forms.

3. How would you describe your work to someone unfamiliar with what you do?

We create familiar forms by using unfamiliar methods, in order to defy the perception of our world and create new experiences. Knowing each of our skills, it’s interesting when we use a material from scratch to give form and life to something. Engineering and design isn’t just tracing and cutting.

4. What do you have planned for the future?

We are working on new projects and we’ve planned our most ambitious exhibit so far, which will be installed this year in Monterrey, México. We also have a new collection of materials so more people get the message.

5. For aspiring artists and designers reading this interview, what advice can you offer them?

To keep up the hard work, set goals and deadlines, and always offer something to the world. Put your soul and heart in your work, and you will succeed.

Visit Cazapapeles here.

-The LoveMoney Team

The Making Of Neon Signs

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They’re the vibrantly colored spectacles that glow along the Hong Kong skyline, unmistakably bright displays that reflect the bold and brash personality of this world class city. Once a thriving visual treat to behold, Hong Kong’s neon signs are being replaced by LEDS, which are more efficient and cost-effective but arguably less attractive. In recognition of this waning Hong Kong staple, M+ — Hong Kong’s museum for visual culture — has launched NEONSIGNS.HK, an online exhibit that charts the history of neon signs in Hong Kong. Running until June 30th, NEONSIGNS.HK will be continually updated with images, videos, and other information detailing the cultural significance of Hong Kong’s neon sign industry. Additionally, joining the launch of this site is a short documentary titled The Making of Neon Signs, which includes interviews with specialists who consider the creation of these signs to be an art form. It can be viewed below.

-The LoveMoney Team

Gilles Cenazandotti Takes Trash From The Ocean And Turns It Into Environmental Art

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In addition to being an artist, Gilles Cenazandotti is also an environmental activist whose elaborately constructed animal sculptures serve as commentary on the alarmingly high levels of waste taking its toll on our oceans. Instead of using traditional materials, he walks beaches and scours for discarded trash, collecting what he’s found and turning that rubbish into a medium for artistic advocacy on behalf of endangered species whose existence is threatened by this unchecked pollution.

In his own words: What’s going to happen when the tide overflows with our rejected products – abandoned on Earth and collected by the Sea – when the pollution touches so many species that life itself will become diminished?

-The LoveMoney Team